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happening now, they are dealing with water-main breaks and they confirmed they are working on a water-main break on brewster and they are cleaning up in the process. meantime another water-main break created a 5-foot sinkhole. alex has a look at the damage. >> reporter: good morning. they are trying to repair this which broke early on this morning and a truck pulled in front our shot but it formed a sinkhole in front of this broken line. this is on 11 street between york and cutter. crews were out here sucking water out of this sinkhole and the fire department got this call at around 1:00 p.m. and it is unclear why this is
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sent water and a person described what it looked like. >> as you can see are the flood lines and how far up if went to cars that were going over, it was so high. >> in the meantime, there is an impact for those who say the water has been shut off and the people say it will be another couple of hours before they can get this line entirely repairs. as you can see crews are still doing the work and they have quite a bit to do to get the
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sink in, in this neighborhood. and in about 30 minutes they are planning to start picketing to targeting last night. workers have been without a contract for 17 months. they are currently holding signs and standing outside it terminal. he wants employees to share contributions to their unemployment. all employees, we are asking the same of all employees. >> what i wasn't is it to then come bear and tear claire it
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fortunately. and nurses plan to walk off the job for the second time in three weeks. here is a look. 8 of them are sutter hospitals including vallejo oakland and berkeley. nurses will also walk out of regional medical center in san jose. it is part of an ongoing contract dispute but nurses want to make cuts and staffing payed time and others and they will not return to work until sunday morning. they are hoping 0 to negotiate a deal. and she accompanied president barack obama and is scheduled to meet with a west bank an
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egyptian leaders say he will not meet with hamasby so ultimately they will be part of a social network which israeli citizens have faced for so many monthsment. >> several israelis have been killed in the week long fighting and most of the militants have taken out on the iron dome defense system. president barack obama had meetings on the sidelines with the leaders of the summit in china and japan. he said it is important that u.s. and community as the two largest economies work together for trade an investment.
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four southern california men have been working to destroy tar fits oversees. one of the men -- overseas. one of the men plotted and plotted to carry out plots in afghanistan. no charges will be filed for the man who was arrested at the airport because of a suspicious looking watch. he was arrested at a tsa worker spotted his watch thinking it was a timing device for some type of explosion sufficient. >> ee described it as a piece of art and he meant no harm so no charges were filed.
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and friday had a violent string of crime with went up to $20,000 and johnny wheel banks, police shot an office earn he will match the $10,000 reward, as the men were caught on video, police say they killed a 22-year-old outsidement you and you see murders every day and down expect this to happen to you. >> they recognized another man in the photo and they are asking if you know anything to call police. they are proposing a public ban on pro bowed man.
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under his prose pal all. -- proposal, they would carry a $100 fine. 49ers backup colin made the most of his nfl start. with 243-yard if san francisco on each of its first 34 possessions. they had a final score of 37. >> it is great to be back on the field, i a great job holding them out and we came out on top, so that is good. >> they had a career high
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sacks, the first game, what do you think, sal? >> well, it sounds like a quarterback controversy, of course there has never been one of those, right? >> right. >> good morning. traffic is moving along well as you drive on 880 westbound and that means we will going to be there where you don't expect them. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza, light in san francisco, in major problems if up to highway 17, at 4:30 hello steve. >> i turned it off at quarter after. >> well, it was donement thank
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you. and the wind has cranked up and and they say livermore and 48 and they have a northeast wind so most locations have a southerly breeze. 58 mountain view, 58 and that will and it is coming up from the south and as you spoke about it, there are no reports from lake county and it is starting to define itself and it looks like it will blast through quickly and for some it will not be overnight tonight. and the north bay could see one to two inches out of this and
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we have rain for parts of the north bay and you have rain and i saw one place that had low 60s. range tonight, then it is out of here and when the reign die down and it will be dry as we go into the weekend. >> thanks, steve. a yearly rememberance, a convicted killer told police and we will have the bay area threat on bay area roads, stay tuned.
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. a new york man threatened a flight crew and refused to turn off his audio. police say 30-year-old samuel was asked to turn off his cell phone but he refused. he was removed from the plane and charged with making a terrorist threat. the family is not giving up hope in the case of mckayla garret. they gathered outside the market where she was kidnapped. they are waiting for the dna results of a 3-inch bone buried by the speed freak killers wesley howard shermantine. >> i will continue until i know
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she is in a safe place. >> now wesley howard shermantine told police to look in wells in the area. police say they are not actively searching but they could start actively looking if the bone starts out to be garret's. and chevron wants to replace the failed pipes with something questioning that choice. chevron will not repair until all the issues have been thoroughly discussed. and they are meeting at sacred heart in san jose. many have jobs and say after paying the rent and bills there just isn't enough money left
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over. one said without sacred heart's help it would not feel like the holidays. >> it would not feel like thanksgiving and it would be more like a rundown version of it. >> sacred hard is working to provide but they still need more turkeys. the first giveaway starts at 11:00 a.m. at 1515 at walnut creek. then more will be turned out at another restaurant, first come first serve basis. and as we get closer to thursday, we are not expected to have much of a commute and i
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top think you have to worry. also at the toll plaza, if you are trying to get in from oakland it is a nice drive westbound. and from pleasant hill to walnut creek town to alamo, it is a nice drive. 4:46 let's go to steve. well, it is on the mild side, except livermore they have been reporting low to the north wind, 58 in the city and it is a really mild pattern in advance of this very vigorous front but there is rain out ahead of itment it will banally be in the north bay but we will have some rain and it is up in the north coast, but in advance of that a lot of clouds and rain. this look like the north bay
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and tonight that system moves in as it gets all the way down to the santa cruz mountains down towards north bay and mild temperatures because of that mild southeast and then it is out of here. and we will have to tool with tonight fog, maureen? it happened at 16th and clay. police say the driver hit a truck causing it to flip over. one person had ahead injury but the -- a head injury. the mercedes ran red light away
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caused the accident before determining if he is competent to stand trial. the defense said the accused shooter is unable to cooperate with his lawyers because he does not understand the criminal justice system. the former nursing system is accused of killing seven people back in april. pg&e is charge with the killing of one of his co- workers. police said she was leaving the area when she was grabbed. two men grabbed her and used her bank card it withdraw money. police found one suspect by the name of aubrey and the other suspect had the name david. they were taken to the hospital on top of a bus.
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he climbed around 10:00 yesterday morning. traffic was rerouted trying to get the man to come down. deputies had ice and he came down. he had not had anything to drink and instead drugs are impairing drivers' are testing positive for prescription drugs and illegal drugs. they are being told to be more descriptiontive in their reports if they suspect drug use. >> they are pulled over if they are constantly licking of the lips and there are objective reasons that should make it easier to check the violation.
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now they are looking for alcohol and drugs. and a convicted sex offender was allowed to volunteer at a school event. he will step down and another person will take his place. he reportedly said, sex offender mark jar risk should be forgiven. he was not taken into custody because he had a letter allowing him to be there. and they have moved on a pitch call deadline. and the other -- pivotal deadline. and the other specialty games are planning on moving out of
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san francisco.
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. roads are flooded in seattle where two inches of rain fell in just six hours. one death has been blamed on the storm.
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and a bankruptcy court will be meeting today with the ceo of hostess. there has been some progress and if not they are likely to come to court tomorrow and ask again for permission to liquidate. and they are asking those who have been victims of violence because they are transgender. they are ready to get underway at san francisco city hall. and they will host more than city games. they are set to announce the craft fight hunger bowl until opens in 2014. the bowl game is affiliated with pack 12 and navel academy. and in 2004, the giants world
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series film starts today. it is made by benjamin [. it includes players coaches and front office staff. it comes complete with an orange carpet. let turn to sal, it sounds like something that would be on your wish list this morning. >> yes. good morning everybody, let's look at the commute now and traffic and actually i really done think they are. this is on dvr somewhere. this is a look at southbound, no major problems as we get closer to thanksgiving and we'll see lighter than usual commutes and it happened yesterday but it didn't happen yesterday not that much anyway, westbound bridge is light coming into the city and if you are coming to the walnut creek area, it looks nice.
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4:55 let's go to steve. >> only family members who would buy me gifts are watching. none of my friends, i can tell you that. and i am pointing out livermore upper 50s so it is on its way but this is a rather vigorous front. everybody else will have to wait awhile. it is making its move. a lot of clouds, windy conditions, rain in the north bay but temperatures very strong winds and many locations means a mild pattern and we will take it to the area no doubt about it, it is cold and precisian once things calm down we will have to watch for inland fog otherwise it will be
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dryer and warmer, maureen. two turkeys are headed to washington d.c., but they will not be on the menu. it will be part of an annual tradition. two birds will go there and they are sent just incase one byrd gets sick. that is a sign of a vallejo home, that is the same home from 12 years ago.
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. an arson investigation in vallejo, how the same house involved a police officer. and we are investigating a string of burglaries we will tell you where they are specifically targeting in

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